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Well, it appears that I'm just one more confused and dissatisfied customer when it comes to the above products... Not to mention the underhanded and unethical way Bella Fleur chooses to treat their customers.

I had no idea that I would be charged $200 for these products and as I recall no one chose to point out this information. And, to make matters worse, I was out of town on a family emergency for 2 weeks and when I returned I had not just been charged $200, but now an additional $200 (totaling $400 to date). A few days later another box from Bella Fleur was in my mailbox, which I am returning promptly unopened. Obviously, I expect a refund....

and for the total amount as this information was not clearly indicated. Also, I can't find on the website where to cancel this. This whole thing is ridiculous. And, the pump on the HOKU serum was broken when received.

I will definitely make a point to never order from your company again. I can't afford this type of trickery and misrepresentation... it has cost me dearly.. Hopefully, you'll do what is ethically and morally right and refund my $400.

Should you choose not to refund my money, I'll have no other option than to file complaints with the Texas State Attorney General as well as the Better Business Bureau. AND PLEASE DO NOT SEND ME ANY ADDITIONAL PRODUCTS.... CANCEL THIS ACCOUNT! You may contact me at 817-724-6202..

My name is Sue Phillips and my address is 1909 Lynbrook Lane, Arlington, TX 76015

PS... In order to make this complaint go through I had to check your Terms of Service box, but please know that I do, in fact, hold you responsible for my losses and would hope that the integrity of your company was worth more than what appears to be a scam on innocent customers who unfortunately made the poor choice of trusting that your company was reputable..

Reviewer is in unhappy mood. This person stated that there is a room for improvement of unclear and unethical business practice. Please immediately contact the author of this review to discuss "poor customer service, pricing issue, damaged and what i consider unethical business practices." of bella fleur cream and associated monetary loss in the amount of $400. Bella Fleur needs to issue a full refund according to poster's claims.

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Same thing happened to me!!! What I expected as a 'free trial' and all I had to pay was $5, has cost me $200!!

When I called to complain I was told I needed to read the small print that stated if I didn't call within 14 days I would be charged monthly for their products! I am 58 and know how to read, I did NOT read this!

What a scam!! And I will be spreading the word to never use anything this company makes!!!

La Quinta, California, United States #1134530

Interesting. I know someone who received an Email that they had Hoku cream coming for $4.95.

They never ordered it, and when they called with Order Number, they were told it was a Chase credit card used and the last four digits of card. The person does not have a Chase credit card. Said they did not want. It is now being shipped UPS What is the scam????

Has to be one!!!! Will be interesting to see what they want as this person did not order and the "credit card" used is non existent in this person's name.


I agree that their advertising is Misleading and unethical business practices. Didn't have enough time to see if the product actually had any benefit.

Before I could call to cancel my account had been charged. Would not recommend to anyone.


I just got a bill for 200.00, I only agreed for the skin product. Never agreed for the other one.

They said since I didn't open the eye serum they will refund 97.41. They said they can't return the one that was 98.41 because it was opened. This is totally unheard of.

I never even got any information about what to do with the products, etc.

Gainesville, Texas, United States #1098073

they got me for $600! They should be ashamed of them selves!


You were ripped off, just like I was!


I made the mistake of signing up for the free trial size and paid for shipping, when it came I was charged $200, with explanation I had 20 days to try it for free, which began while it was in transit to me, I live off a very low budget income and immediately called which they offered 3 diff resolutions, I'll wait and see which takes effect, scam scam scam

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