SCAM - BEWARE!!! I ordered a FREE trial of the Bella Fleur wrinkle control cream and I did agree to the terms AS WRITTEN on the confirmation form. QUOTE: "I agree to the terms and conditions of the 14 days trial. After the trial period has ended, you will be charged the regular price of only 98.41 for your 30 day supply of Bella Fleur Serum. You agree to auto-shipment every 30 days thereafter. Your order will ship within 3-5 business days."

I believe I am a reasonably intelligent person and I believe this statement leads consumers to believe that you have 14 days to TRY the cream however I believe Bella Fleur is being deceptive with how their terms are stated and written on their site as they intend to charge you 14 days from your ORDER DATE!!! Those Terms are not listed anywhere on the Order Form, in fact you have to find them by scrolling to the very bottom of the entire website to see a specific link to "Terms and Conditions".

Additionally, I received a notice the product had shipped via first class mail on 11/24/15 and the product was received 11/30/15. I was charged the full $98.41 on 12/5/15. How can anyone possibly TRY a skin care product LOVE IT in just 4 days! C'mon! THIS IS A SCAM!!

When I realized what happened I contacted customer service and after being on hold for 40 minutes. The agen was rude and told me that I HAD AGREED to the terms and that was too bad. I told him I agreed to the visible terms as stated on the order form and that I wanted a refund. He tried to give me 30% refund. I say NO so he then said he had to go to a supervisor - who said I would received a 50% refund and here is my confirmation number. I said NO - I did not agree and that I would accept nothing less the a 100% refund (minus the shipping which I agreed to). He was again very rude so I told him I had notified my bank and would be contacting the BBB, the AG's Office and all Online reporting agencies. AND what to you know - I was suddenly told I'd receive a FULL REFUND!

I believe they are counting on you NOT to check your credit card statement and if by chance you do...you will accept their offer of 30% refund!!!

The sad part is - I don't even know if Bella Fleur skin cream even works as I never tried it. After this experience, I wouldn't dare try it on my skin!

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